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Download Genstat 21ed BETA


This installation is for a beta version for the Genstat software system (“Beta Software”), which is the property of VSN International. Its use is governed by the standard Genstat licensing agreement. In addition, it is expressly acknowledged and agreed that you:

(a) accept that the Beta Software is an uncertified version, containing facilities that are still under development and due for further testing before release;

(b) shall provide to VSN reasonable comments and feedback, including but not limited to usability, bug reports and test results, and shall notify VSN of all problems and suggestions for improvements and enhancements (“Enhancement Suggestions”) which come to your attention during the your use of the Beta Software – please send these to beta@vsni.co.uk;

(c) hereby assign to VSN all right, title and interest to any Enhancement Suggestions and all property rights therein including without limitation all Intellectual Property Rights;

(d) shall not redistribute the software; and

(e) shall keep information about any bugs and flaws in the Beta Software confidential.

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