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Date and time functions

Any numerical Genstat data structure can be used to store dates and times. These functions allow the various components of a date and time to be calculated from a stored date-time value:

    DAY Day of month
    MONTH Month
    YEAR Year
    WEEKDAY Day of week
    NDAYINYEAR Day number in year (starting at a defined month)
    NWEEKINYEAR Week number in year
    MFRACTION Number of the period of a specified length within a month
    LEAPYEAR Indicates whether date is in a leap year
    HOURS Hours (on 24 hour clock) corresponding to a date-time value
    MINUTES Minutes past the hour corresponding to a date-time value
    SECONDS Seconds during the minute corresponding to a date-time value

These functions calculate date and time values from calender and clock information:

    DATE Constructs a date value from day, month and year
    TIME Constructs time value from hours, minutes and seconds

These functions provide information about the amount of computing time used in the current Genstat run, or the data and time currently recorded on the computer:

    CPUTIME Currently used cpu time
    NOW Current date and time
Updated on May 20, 2019

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