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AFUNITS procedure

Forms a factor to index the units of the final stratum of a design (R.W. Payne & W. van den Berg).


BLOCKSTRUCTURE = formula Defines the block factors for the design; the default is to take those specified by the BLOCKSTRUCTURE directive


UNITS = factor Factor to be formed


When analysing experimental data in Genstat, it is usually unnecessary to specify the final stratum of the design. For example ANOVA, as explained in the Guide to the Genstat Command Language, Part 2, Section 4.2.1, will set up an internal factor called *Units* to define (along with the other block factors) the final stratum. However, it is then impossible, for example, to put the residuals into a table classified by the block factors, or to tabulate the treatment levels according to the block structure. Thus AFUNITS takes a set of block factors (specified in either a pointer or a model formula by the BLOCKSTRUCTURE option) and sets up the necessary extra factor, which is then returned by the UNITS parameter.


Parameter: UNITS.


The FCLASSIFICATION and FORMULA directives are used, if necessary, to form a list of factors from the block formulae and then the factor values are set up using the standard Genstat facilities for calculations and manipulation.

Action with RESTRICT

None of the block factors must be restricted.

See also

Procedure: AFLABELS.

Commands for: Design of experiments.


CAPTION   'AFUNITS example'; STYLE=meta
FACTOR    [LEVELS=3; VALUES=6(3,1,2)] Blocks
&         [LEVELS=2; VALUES=3(1,2)2,3(2,1)] Plots
AFUNITS   [Blocks] WithinB
&         [Blocks/Plots] WithinBP
PRINT     Blocks,Plots,WithinB,WithinBP
Updated on March 11, 2019

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