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Image functions

These functions operate on images, represented as matrices of RGB values (see PEN for more details).

    IMBRIGHTNESS Modify brightness
    IMCONTRAST Modify contrast and brightness
    IMGAMMA Apply gamma correction to brightness
    IMGRAYSCALE or IMGREYSCALE Convert to grey scale
    IMCREPLACE Replace one colour with another


    IMSIZE Change size
    IMROTATE Rotate
    IMHFLIP Horizontal flip
    IMVFLIP Vertical flip
    IMPUSH Point-to-point warp
    IMXSHEAR Shear in x direction
    IMYSHEAR Shear in y direction


    IMMEDIANFILTER Median filter
    IMSATURATE Adjust saturation
    IMSHARPEN Sharpen
    IMUNSHARPEN Apply unsharp mask
    IMBLUR Blur
    IMDESPECKLE Despeckle
    IMGBLUR Gaussian blur


    IMCEQUALIZE Histogram equalization of individual colours
    IMBEQUALIZE Histogram equalization of brightness
    IMBSTRETCH Histogram stretch of brightness
    IMSSTRETCH Histogram stretch of saturation
    IMCSTRETCH Histogram stretch of individual colours


    IMLINE Draw line
    IMELLIPSE Draw ellipse
    IMTEXT Draw text
    IMSTEXT Draw smooth text
    IMRECTANGLE Draw coloured rectangle
    IMEMBOSS Emboss
    IMOVERLAY Overlay images


    IM3CONVOLUTION Apply 3×3 convolution filter
    IMMCONVOLUTION Apply convolution filter

The functions are based on algorithms in the ImgSource library supplied by Smaller Animals Software, Inc. For more information, see https://smaller-animals-software-inc1.software.informer.com/

Updated on May 20, 2019

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