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ARETRIEVE procedure

Retrieves an ANOVA save structure from an external file (R.W. Payne).

No options


FILENAME = texts Name of the file storing the save structure
EXIT = scalars Scalar that contains the value one if the save structure was retrieved successfully, otherwise contains either zero or a missing value
SAVE = asave structures Save structure that has been retrieved


ARETRIEVE retrieves an ANOVA save structure, stored earlier by the ASTORE procedure in an external file. It can then be used to produce further output from the analysis. (See, for example, directives ADISPLAY and AKEEP, or procedures ACHECK, AGRAPH, APLOT, APERMTEST and ASPREADSHEET.)

The name (and path) of the file that stores the save structure is specified, in a text, by the FILENAME parameter. The save structure is saved by the SAVE parameter. The EXIT parameter can return a scalar containing the value one if the save structure was retrieved successfully. Otherwise it contains either zero or a missing value.

Options: none.



ASTORE stores the save structure in a Genstat backing-store file using the STORE directive, and ARETRIEVE retrieves it using the RETRIEVE directive.

See also

Directive: ANOVA.

Procedure: ASTORE.

Commands for: Analysis of variance.


CAPTION        'ASTORE example',!t('Split plot design, see the',\
               'Guide to Genstat, Part 2, Section 4.2.1.'); STYLE=meta,plain
SPLOAD         [PRINT=*] '%GENDIR%/Data/Oats.gsh'
TREATMENTS     variety*nitrogen
BLOCKSTRUCTURE blocks/wplots/subplots
ANOVA          [PRINT=aov; FPROBABILITY=yes] yield; SAVE=oatsave
ASTORE         'Oats.gbs'; SAVE=oatsave
" delete oatsave and run a null analysis to remove all traces "
DELETE         [REDEFINE=yes] oatsave
ANOVA          [PRINT=aov; FPROBABILITY=yes] yield
" retrieve oatsave "
ARETRIEVE      'Oats.gbs'; SAVE=oatsave
ADISPLAY       [PRINT=aov] oatsave
FDELETE        'Oats.gbs'
Updated on March 8, 2019

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