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Subset functions

Subsets of elements can be specified with the RESTRICT directive; alternatively, subsets can be copied to new structures using the EQUATE directive. These functions provide other ways of manipulating subsets of values.

    EXPAND Forms a logical variate indicating selected units from a variate of unit numbers
    NEXPAND Expand variate by replicating its values
    POSITION Finds the positions of values within any vector
    REPLACE Replaces values within any numerical data structure
    UNIQUE Forms unique set of values in a numerical data structure
    WHERE Forms set of units in a variate containing logically true (i.e. non-zero) values
    WHICH Synonym of WHERE
    RESTRICTION Forms a logical variate indicating currently restricted units of a vector

In expressions, subsets of structure values can be referred to by qualified identifiers, or by the function:

    ELEMENTS Selects values of any structure
Updated on May 20, 2019

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