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These functions transform each value of numerical structures:

    EXP Exponential
    LOG Natural logarithm
    LOG10 Logarithm base 10
    SQRT Square root


    SIN Sine
    SINH Hyperbolic sine
    ARCSIN Inverse sine (synonym ASIN)
    COS Cosine
    COSH Hyperbolic cosine
    ARCCOS Inverse cosine (synonym ACOS)
    TAN Tangent
    TANH Hyperbolic tangent
    ARCTAN Inverse tangent (synonym ATAN)
    ANGLE Inverse tangent from opposite and adjacent sides
    DEGREES Converts from radians to degrees
    RADIANS Converts from degrees to radians


    ANGULAR Angular transform
    IANGULAR Inverse angular
    PROBIT Probit
    IPROBIT Inverse probit
    LOGIT Logit
    ILOGIT Inverse logit
    CLOGLOG Complementary log-log
    ICLOGLOG Inverse complementary log-log


    SSPLINE Fitted values from a smoothing-spline


    ABS Absolute value
    SIGN Sign
    MODULO Modulus
    INTEGER Integer part
    FRACTION Fractional part
    ROUND Nearest integer
    CEILING Ceiling (least integer greater or equal)
    FLOOR Floor (largest integer less or equal)
    BOUND Sets out-of-range values to specified upper or lower bounds


    CUMULATE Cumulative sums
    DIFFERENCE Differences
    SORT Ordered values
    REVERSE Reversed series
    SHIFT Shift a series
    CIRCULATE Circulate a series


    MVINSERT Missing values inserted at specified positions
    MVREPLACE Missing values replaced by specified values
    NEWLEVELS Factor levels replaced by specified values
    POSITION Locate position within a vector


    FACTORIAL Factorial
    LNFACTORIAL Log of factorial
    NCOMBINATIONS Number of combinations
    NPERMUTATIONS Number of permutations


    BJ0 Bessel function J0
    BJ1 Bessel function J1
    BI0 Modified Bessel function I0
    BI1 Modified Bessel function I1
    BETA Beta function
    GAMMA Gamma function
    DIGAMMA Digamma function
    TRIGAMMA Trigamma function
    LNGAMMA Log-gamma function
Updated on May 20, 2019

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