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Collect Sheets into a New Book

Select menu: Spread | New | Book from Selected Sheets

This dialog will create a new book containing selected sheets from different books. If the Move option is selected, the sheets will be taken from their current books, which may be closed if they are left with no sheets. 

  1. Open the spreadsheets you want to copy or move sheets from.
  2. From the menu select Spread | New | Book from Selected Sheets.
  3. Select the required sheets by either double-clicking them or selec with the mouse and click . You can hold down Ctrl or Shift to multi-select items and click  to move them to the Selected sheets list in one action.
  4. Set other options as required then click OK.

The dialog above shows the creation of a new book containing 2 sheets selected from 2 open books. The sheets will be left in the original books, as the Copy option is selected.

Select sheets to collect into new book

This list gives all the currently open sheets in Genstat. Select sheets from this list with the mouse (multiple sheets can be selected using your keyboard’s Shift and Ctrl keys), and then move these to the selected sheet list by either double clicking the entries, or by clicking the transfer button .

Selected sheets

This lists the sheets that have been chosen to be opened in a new book. Sheets can be removed from this list by either double clicking them or, selecting them and clicking the remove button .

Columns in sheets

This box is for your information only to help in the selection of sheets, and displays the columns in the last selected sheet in the list above it.

Action for selected sheets

  • Move – move the sheet into the new book, deleting it from the original book.
  • Copy – take a copy of sheet, leaving it in the original book.

Action buttons

OK Collect sheets into a book and close the dialog.
Cancel Close the dialog without further changes.
Clear Remove names from the selected sheets list.

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Updated on March 22, 2019

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