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Change Prediction Values

Factor levels/labels

Lists the levels or labels of a factor currently selected in the Explanatory variable list. You can double-click a level or label to copy it the Predict values at field.

Explanatory variable

Lists the explanatory variables currently selected for prediction. Select the variable from the dropdown list that you want to change the values for.

Predict values at

Specifies the values to predict for the current variable listed in the Explanatory variable list. You can predict the mean value for a variate, by selecting ‘mean’ from the dropdown list. Similarly, you can predict all levels of a factor by selecting All levels from the dropdown list. For a factor you can construct a list of levels or labels to predict for by either double-clicking the levels or labels from the Factor levels/labels list or by typing the values in.

Values in parallel with

Provides a dropdown list of terms within the model to you to indicate a variable that the values change in parallel with. This variable should have the same number of values specified for it as the levels or values specified in the Predict values at field. Predictions will then be formed for each corresponding set of values rather than for every combination of these values.

Updated on April 18, 2019

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