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Classification Trees Options

Use this to select different options to be used in constructing classification trees.


Specifies which items of output are to be displayed in the Output window.

Brackets Display as used to represent an identification key in “bracketed” form (printed node by node)
Details Gives detailed information about the nodes of the tree
Graph Plots the tree
Indented Display as used to represent an identification key in “indented” form (printed branch by branch)
Labelled diagram Diagrammatic display including the node labels
Numbered diagram Diagrammatic display with the nodes labelled by their numbers
Summary Summary of the properties of the tree
Monitoring Information monitoring the construction process

Number of individuals to stop splitting.

Specifies the limit on the number of individuals in a group at which to stop selecting tests.

X-variable factor levels ordered

Specifies whether the x-variable factor levels are ordered.


The effectiveness of a factor or variate to be chosen at each node depends on how the groups are split between remaining subsets. This option lets you choose the method to assess this. You can select either the Gini information criterion or the Mean posterior improvement criterion.

Anti-end-cut factor

Controls whether anti-end-cut factors are used.

Updated on April 26, 2019

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