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Column Protection

Select menu: Spread | Column | Protection

This dialog lets you set protection for individual columns, or for the entire spreadsheet. When a column is protected the values in that column cannot be changed, however restrictions and reordering of the values (e.g. sorting) can still be applied. When the entire spreadsheet is protected then no values can be changed and no restrictions/filters or reordering can be applied.

  1. From the menu select Spread | Column | Protection.


The column list shows the protection status of each column, where columns that are protected are prefixed with a P. The protection status of a column may be toggled by double clicking the column name. A column may be selected by clicking on it with the mouse. If you hold down the Ctrl key when clicking, you can select multiple columns. Holding down the Shift key when selecting will select all columns between the currently clicked column and the last selected column. The following buttons can be used to select column names and change the protection status:

Select all Select all columns within the list.
Protect Change the selected columns to be protected (read only).
Unprotect Change the selected columns to be unprotected.

Protect whole spreadsheet

When selected the whole spreadsheet will be protected.

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Updated on March 20, 2019

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