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Create a New Column

  1. From the menu select Spread | Insert then choose whether to insert the column before or after the current column.

Column type

Specifies the type of the new column.


The name of the column; this will be also used for the data structure to store the values in.

Initial value

Specifies an initial value to be inserted in every cell of the new column. A numeric value may used for variates, a string for text columns, and either may be used for a factor. By default, a missing value (*) will be used to fill new columns.

Decimal places shown

Specifies the number of decimal places to display for variates and factors.

Number of levels

Specifies the number of levels for a new column of type factor. Levels and Labels may also be specified.

Levels and labels

Specifies the numerical levels and/or text labels for a factor.

Fill column

After creating the column, if this is ticked, then the Fill Column dialog is opened to fill the new column with a numerical series of values.

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Updated on March 20, 2019

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