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Create Table using Spreadsheet

Use this to create a spreadsheet containing a table. The table type (1 or 2 way) and number of row and columns are specified, and optionally the levels or labels for the rows and columns. This dialog is accessed from a number of submenus that require a table, such as the Plot Table dialog.

Form of table

This specifies the number of dimensions for the table:

One-way table A table with a single column just indexed by one factor
Two-way table A table indexed by two factors, one for rows, another for columns

Name of table

Specifies the structure name for the table. This must start with a letter and then contain alphanumeric characters.


Specifies how many rows to insert in the table.


Specifies how many columns to insert in the table.


Specifies the labels to be used in the column indexing the rows of the table or in the column headings indexing the columns or the table. This can be a list of numbers or labels separated by commas or spaces. If a label contains a comma or space then it must start and end using single or double quotes (‘my label’ or “my,label”). If the label contains a single quote at the start or end use double quotes around the label or vice versa. For example, “quote at end'”, ‘double quote at end”‘.

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Updated on March 19, 2019

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