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DDE Server File Locations

  1. To open this dialog select Spread | Add | DDE Link
    Spread | New | DDE Link.
  2. Click the Servers button.

Server Name

The name of the DDE server. This is usually a single upper case word e.g. EXCEL, QPW, MSACCESS, 123W, etc.

Server EXE file location

The path to the EXE file that runs the DDE server. This can be set by selecting the filename with the Browse button.


Can be used to locate an EXE file name.


Add the specified DDE server and EXE file into the list of DDE servers. If the DDE server already exists, this will update the EXE file information.


Change the specified DDE server and EXE file in the list of DDE servers.


Remove the specified DDE server and EXE file from the list of DDE servers.


Start the specified EXE file corresponding to that currently selected in the Server name item.


Save the DDE server information and close menu.

Excel DDE Cell Address Format letters

These fields can be changed to simplify use of Genstat with Excel when a language other than English is used on a PC.

Excel can addresses spreadsheet cells using the row and column number in what is termed R1C1 notation, where R and C represent “row” and “column” respectively. However, other language settings may result in other letters being used for this purpose. The two entries in this dialog allow alternative row and column letters to be supplied.

To find out what letters are currently used in Excel, as set up on your PC, enter the following formula into a cell of an Excel sheet.


The resulting text will be in the form 11. You should change the Row and Column letters in Genstat to match those displayed in Excel.

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Updated on March 19, 2019

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