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DHELP procedure

Provides information about Genstat graphics (S.A. Harding).

No options


TOPIC = string tokens Lists the required graphics topics (current, possible); default poss


DHELP provides information about the Genstat high-resolution graphics. It has a single parameter called TOPIC, which supplies a list of strings indicating the topics about which you want information. The setting current gives details about the current settings of the graphics frames, windows, axes and pens, including the negatively numbered pens used as initial defaults. The other setting possible indicates the available frames, windows, axes and pens, and lists the available graphics devices (indicating which one is currently selected).

Options: none.

Parameter: TOPIC.


The information is obtained using the DKEEP directive, and the SAVE parameters of the FRAME, PEN, XAXIS, YAXIS and ZAXIS directives.

See also

Directive: HELP.

Commands for: Graphics.


CAPTION 'DHELP example'; STYLE=meta
DHELP possible,current
Updated on March 8, 2019

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