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Example Analysis Programs

Select menu: Help | Examples | Analysis Programs

Use this to search though the examples of analysis programs that are supplied with Genstat. These programs provide examples of how to use the Genstat command language for a range of different types of analysis.

  1. From the menu select Help | Example Programs then select an option.
  2. To open an example within a text window either double-click on an item within the list or select an item and click Open.
  3. An example can be run after opening by clicking Open and Run.

Look for

Lets you enter the name of the example to be opened. When text is entered into this field the list of available examples will scroll to select an example that matches the specified text.

Filter by topic

Provides a list of topics that can be used to refine the search. If you are searching for an example for a specific type of analysis you can select the topic from the list and the examples will only be displayed related to that topic.


This will open the selected example within a text window.

Open and run

This will open the selected example within a text window and will submit the commands to Genstat.

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Updated on May 16, 2019

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