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Automatically fill a column

Data can be automatically entered into a spreadsheet column using one of the column fill dialogs that can be accessed on the Spread | Calculate menu bar item. There are four dialogs available that can be used to fill values using a numerical sequence, using a list, by groups or with date or time values.

The following example shows different ways in which columns can be filled with values using the fill column using a numerical sequence dialog. The table below show the starting and ending values, and increment that are used to generate the values. The results are shown in the spreadsheet below.

Column Starting Value Ending Value Increment Number of Repeats
C1 1 10 1 1
C2 1 10 3 1
C3 1 10 2 1
C4 -1 -10 -2 1
C5 1 4 1 3

Additional notes

  • C2 The pattern (1,4,7,10) is repeated to fill the whole column.
  • C3 The pattern (1,3,5,7,9) does not include the Ending Value.
  • C4 Uses a negative increment.
  • C5 Repeats each value 3 times in the pattern, until the column is full.
Updated on March 19, 2019

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