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Backing storage or retrieval fault codes

BS 1            Repeated identifier or attempt to reorder suffices within pointer.

BS 2            Sub-file not present.

BS 3            Illegal renaming, first parameter has a value set missing.

BS 4            File or sub-file identifier omitted.

BS 5            Attempt to give a pointer a new suffix.

BS 6            Sub-file wrong type.

BS 7            File created by an earlier version of Genstat.

BS 8            Sub-file or structure not present.

BS 9            Attempt to write to a protected file (incorrect password).

BS 10          I/O error or mark 4 file.

BS 11          Clash of structure types.

BS 12          Attempt to give a procedure an illegal name.

BS 13          Attempt to give a procedure an directive name.

BS 14          Subfile name already in target file (could be system reserved name).

BS 15          Output channel is also an input channel.

BS 16          Attempt to add 2 subfiles with the same name to target file.

BS 17          Userfile not found.

BS 18          Wrong kind of file attached.

BS 19          Length of units vector has been changed.

BS 20          Target file opened read only – a write request given.

BS 21          File incomplete or corrupted.

Updated on May 17, 2019

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