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Calculation fault codes

CA 1            List of right-hand-side operands longer than list to hold results.

CA 2            Incorrect number of arguments for function.

CA 3            Missing values not permitted in function.

CA 4            Wrong factor in classifying set.

CA 5            Sub-matrix cannot be formed.

CA 6            Invalid exponentiation.

CA 7            Invalid value for argument of function.

CA 8            Matrix not positive semi-definite.

CA 9            Values for interpolation not monotonically increasing.

CA 10          Address from restrict vector out of range.

CA 11          Tables have incompatible margins.

CA 12          Too many operands in arithmetic expression.

CA 13          Attempt to use operation only valid on a square matrix.

CA 14          Order of matrix non-positive.

CA 15          RESTRICT has generated a null list.

CA 16          Matrix singular.

CA 17          Invalid operation.

CA 18          Attempt to divide by zero.

CA 19          Structures of incompatible types occurring together.

CA 20          Default system seed is zero.

CA 21          Lower bound greater than upper in BOUND function – result set to missing.

CA 25          OLDSTRUCTURE or NEWSTRUCTURE not specified for COMBINE.

CA 26          Attempt to declare a factor by default.

CA 27          ELEMENTED matrix dimension too small or too large.

CA 28          ELEMENTING address out of range for structure nval.

CA 29          Attempt to COMBINE a dimension more than once.

CA 30          OLDDIMENSION factor is not in the classification set of the OLDSTRUCTURE.

CA 31          NEWDIMENSIONS must be factors unless NEWSTRUCTURE table already declared.

CA 32          OLD/NEWDIMENSION number out of range.

CA 33          Text given for OLD/NEWPOSITIONS but the dimension is not labelled.

CA 34          OLD/NEWPOSITION not found.

CA 35          OLD/NEWPOSITION out of range.

CA 36          Pointer given for OLD/NEWPOSITIONS but dimension not indexed by a pointer.

CA 37          Both values missing in MVREPLACE.

CA 38          Number of values of result from URAND / EXPAND is undefined.

CA 39          Too many dimensions for qualified identifier.

CA 40          For METHOD=interval, NEWVALUES variate must have values.

CA 41          For METHOD=value, NEWINTERVALS variate must have values.

CA 42          Too few values for cubic interpolation.

CA 43          Repeated factor in classifying set of table.

CA 44          Columns of structure pair are unequal.

CA 45          Rows of structure pair are unequal.

CA 46          Number of columns of matrix1 do not match number of rows of matrix2.

CA 47          Address list cannot be formed.

CA 48          Function given structure of wrong type.

CA 49          Elemented/qualified identifiers not allowed in function.

CA 50          Error in EDIT.

CA 51          Elemented structure must have its number of values declared.

CA 52          Embedded assignment of factors not allowed.

CA 53          Function does not allow multi-dimensional structures.

CA 54          Assignment from text structures not allowed.

CA 55          Function or operator on left hand side of expression.

CA 56          Assignment operator (=) not present and correct.

CA 57          Argument/list separator (;) given incorrectly in expression.

CA 58          Error in argument for distribution function.

CA 59          Invalid argument for CONSTANTS function.

CA 60          Symmetric matrix has non-symmetric qualification.

CA 61          Error computing AREA.

CA 62          Error in arguments for SSPLINE function.

CA 63          Error in arguments for DATE function.

CA 64          Only .AND., .OR., .EOR., +, *, – and = allowed in set calculations.

CA 65          Lists not allowed as result of set calculations (, means +).

CA 66          Invalid structure type in set calculation.

CA 67          Results of set calculation not assigned.

CA 68          Set calculation assigned to structure with incorrect number of values.

CA 69          Embedded assignment not allowed in set calculations.

CA 70          Node not in tree.

CA 71          Trees can only be joined onto a terminal node.

CA 72          All values missing – cannot evaluate function.

CA 73          Matrix not square or symmetric.

CA 74          Cannot attach to user-defined OWN function.

CA 75          Invalid argument for NWEEKINYEAR function.

CA 76          Invalid window size for function.

CA 77          Invalid argument for MFRACTION function.

CA 78          Incorrect table dimensions.

CA 79          Invalid classifying factors.

CA 80          Incompatible classifying factors.

CA 81          OWN function reports errors.

CA 82          Incorrect number of arguments for OWN function.

CA 83          Invalid probabilities/weights variate for GRSAMPLE – no positive values.

CA 84          Invalid frequencies for GRSELECT – population smaller than requested sample.

CA 85          Incorrect number of arguments for NAG algorithm.

CA 86          Failure from NAG algorithm.

CA 87          Invalid argument supplied for NAG routine.

CA 88          Failure in calculation of expressions for NAG routine.

CA 89          Error in calculation of orthogonal matrix.

CA 90          Not a valid SSP or covariance matrix. Output will not be a correlation matrix.

CA 91          String comparisons are valid only for text or factors with labels.

CA 92          Only one of XVALIDATION or YVALIDATION set.

CA 93          Incompatible matrix dimensions.

CA 94          No save structure available for NNDISPLAY or NNPREDICT.

CA 95          Invalid option value. Mahalanobis scaling cannot be used when METRIC set to manhattan or cityblock.

CA 96          Computation of the pseudo inverse failed; try increasing the value of lambda.

CA 97          No save structure available for RBDISPLAY or RBPREDICT.

CA 98          Data must be pre-sorted into increasing order of TRANSACTIONS and ITEMS.

CA 99          In the REPLACE function, current and replacement values must be of equal length.

Updated on May 17, 2019

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