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Cluster analysis fault codes

CL 1            Data structure of incompatible dimensions.

CL 2            GROUP parameter missing or not set for HREDUCE directive.

CL 3            Range check fails in forming similarity matrix.

CL 4            Too few units for sorting.

CL 5            Negative or missing values in similarity matrix.

CL 6            Not all units are on the minimum spanning tree.

CL 7            Invalid values in permutation vector nval.

CL 8            Page width on output channel too narrow to print similarity matrix.

CL 9            GTHRESHOLD parameter ignored as GROUPS not set.

CL 10          GROUPS parameter ignored as GTHRESHOLD not set.

CL 11          For METHOD=gsimilarities, GROUPS parameter must be set.

CL 12          NROOTS option of PCORELATE is greater than 10. Maximum of 10 allowed.

CL 13          Number of columns of neighbours matrix is not a multiple of 2.

CL 14          Page width too narrow for abbreviated form of data matrix.

CL 15          Neighbours matrix cannot be defined.

CL 16          Each level of the GROUP factor must occur at least once.

CL 17          Invalid (i.e. negative) range specified for a variate.

CL 18          Similarity matrix contains missing values.

CL 19          GROUPS must be set when METHOD=betweengroupsimilarities.

Updated on May 17, 2019

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