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File handling fault codes

FI 1              Attempt to read past end of file.
FI 2              (Fortran) failure while reading file.
FI 3              System cannot find input file on current channel.
FI 4              System cannot close file.
FI 5              Record has over flowed input buffer (limit is 160 characters).
FI 6              Error when accessing unformatted file.
FI 7              Unable to get reply from terminal.
FI 8              Unable to initiate a sub-process for SUSPEND or PASS.
FI 9              Failure within GNPASS program.
FI 10            Spreadsheet file does not exist.
FI 11            Cannot attach to OWN library.
FI 12            Cannot get function handle.
FI 13            Attempt to access files in illegal location.
FI 14            Error whilst deleting file.
FI 15            Error whilst renaming file.
FI 16            Error whilst copying file.
FI 17            Unknown file version.
FI 18            NEW file already exists – use OVERWRITE=yes to replace it.
FI 19            No write access to NEW file.

Updated on September 2, 2019

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