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High-resolution graphics fault codes

HG 2            Invalid window number.

HG 3            Invalid window size (e.g. lower bound > upper bound).

HG 4            Invalid key window number.

HG 5            Invalid margin sizes in window specification.

HG 6            Invalid font number.

HG 7            Illegal pen number.

HG 8            Illegal colour number.

HG 9            Illegal line style.

HG 10          Request to open file ignored – this device does not have file output.

HG 11          Illegal symbol number.

HG 12          Graphical input is not supported on this device.

HG 13          Cannot read from specified window.

HG 14          Invalid setting of CURSORTYPE.

HG 15          Row or column labels not in ascending order.

HG 16          There must be at least three rows and three columns.

HG 17          Data contains missing values.

HG 18          Only two way tables are permitted as GRIDs.

HG 19          The calculated number of contour levels is less than 1.

HG 20          Key window full.

HG 21          Illegal brush number.

HG 24          Illegal window mapping.

HG 25          Internal graphics error.

HG 27          Less than 2 or greater than 180 values specified in the SLICE parameter.

HG 28          Internal I/O error.

HG 29          Error in NAG Graphical Supplement.

HG 30          Window outside device limits.

HG 31          Invalid RGB value.

HG 32          Invalid device number.

HG 34          Invalid settings of LOWERCUTOFF and UPPERCUTOFF.

HG 35          Incompatible axis labels and tick-marks.

HG 36          Error in underlying graphics interface.

HG 37          Invalid window number.

HG 38          There are no spare graphics channels.

HG 39          Contour grids are of different sizes. This is temporarily disallowed.

HG 40          Facility not available in this version.

HG 41          Only one or two-way tables are permitted in BARCHART.

HG 42          Only one two-way table is permitted in BARCHART.

HG 43          ROWS and COLUMNS must be the same length as the BITMAP variate.

HG 44          Missing values are not permitted in the ROWS or COLUMNS variates.

HG 45          Invalid row or column numbers less than or equal to zero.

HG 46          Bitmap has too many rows or columns.

HG 47          Invalid axis bounds.

HG 48          GROUPS factor is not one of the classifying factors.

HG 49          Table has more than two classifying factors.

HG 50          If a two way table is used, it must be the only setting of DATA.

HG 51          LROTATION ignored as MARKS not set.

HG 52          Incorrect number of values specified for LROTATION.

HG 53          Symbol name not recognised.

HG 54          Incompatible graphics environment file.

HG 55          Invalid axis definition.

HG 56          Invalid font name.

HG 57          Use DFONT before saving graphs (the fonts used may not be as expected).

HG 58          This font is not available on this computer.

HG 59          No file has been opened for the requested graphics device.

HG 60          DFINISH has been called without DSTART being called for the current device.

HG 61          Appending the correct extension to NAME for the specified graphics CHANNEL.

HG 62          Could not open temporary file for PDF DEVICE.

HG 63          Linestyle name not recognised.

Updated on May 17, 2019

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