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Input or output fault codes

IO 1             Data element terminates before end of fixed-format.
IO 2             Integer part of a number too large.
IO 3             Real number too large.
IO 4             Invalid character in element in fixed-format read.
IO 5             Blank field in data.
IO 6             Illegal leading blanks found in data.
IO 7             End, missing and (in free format) separator characters must be distinct.
IO 8             Too many errors in data.
IO 9             Number of values not a multiple of number of structures.
IO 10           Channel number out of range.
IO 11           Errors in data values.
IO 12           Unexpected characters at end of data (end string not present?).
IO 13           Attempt to skip over end string in input data.
IO 14           No format information supplied for fixed-format read.
IO 15           Incompatible structures in parallel read or print.
IO 16           Required data separator not found in free-format read.
IO 17           Value not found in units structure.
IO 18           Unexpected factor value.
IO 19           Null filename.
IO 20           Channel already open. Channel number or filetype incorrect?
IO 21           Channel not open.
IO 22           Fortran error when opening or closing a file.
IO 23           Current I/O channel cannot be closed.
IO 24           Closing terminal i/o is deemed irreverent and can only lead to excommunication!
IO 25           Channel for input or output has not been opened, or has been terminated.
IO 26           Data cannot be read sequentially from current channel or text.
IO 27           End character must be present if length is to be set from data.
IO 28           Only variates, factors and texts can be read with SETNVALUES=yes.
IO 29           The size of a pointer must be declared before its values can be read.
IO 30           To add to existing values, data must be in serial order.
IO 31           A format must indicate at least one field to be read.
IO 32           Values of factor punched as labels, but no LABELS vector found.
IO 33           Illegal trailing blanks found in data.
IO 34           Unquoted integer read as value of text.
IO 35           Data space filled before end-of-data found.
IO 36           No free channel available.
IO 37           Data cannot be read sequentially if length is to be set from data.
IO 38           Invalid combination of PREAMBLE, RESPONSE and SAVE options.
IO 39           VALUES (and a CHOICE for each) must be supplied when MODE = text.
IO 40           Factor value not an integer.
IO 41           Factor value less than or equal to zero.
IO 42           Factor value greater than number of levels.
IO 43           Factor value not found in LEVELS.
IO 44           Factor value not found in LABELS.
IO 45           Fortran error when accessing file.
IO 46           Text input not terminated by quote.
IO 47           Tab character found during fixed format read.
IO 48           Current channel numbers are only available for FILETYPE=input or output.
IO 49           Cannot delete files that have been opened with ACCESS=readonly.
IO 50           Error loading GSH spreadsheet file.
IO 51           Only the first character of the MISSING option will be used.
IO 52           Cannot change directory to that specified.
IO 53           Factor name or labels too wide to fit table across page.
IO 54           Invalid spreadsheet name.
IO 55           Too many column pointers.
IO 56           Factor names or labels too wide to fit table across page.
IO 57           Invalid table reference to TABLABEL text (represented as ? in output).
IO 58           Options VSPECIAL and TSPECIAL must both be set or unset.
IO 59           Options VSPECIAL and TSPECIAL must be set to the same number of values.
IO 60           Error accessing SDCM file system.
IO 61           Copy terminated on closure of output channel.
IO 62           Invalid FORMAT setting.
IO 63           Invalid SEPARATOR setting.
IO 64           Text value is too long for FORMAT=string (more than 255 characters).
IO 65           Cannot access HTML header file.
IO 66           Dialog required only one value; second and subsequent values have been ignored.
IO 67           Too many temporary files.
IO 68           Could not convert Unicode file to UTF-8 format.
IO 69          Could not open a file with a Unicode name.
IO 70          Input file not found.
IO 71          No read access to file – locked by another program.
IO 72          No write access to file – read-only or locked by another program.
IO 73          Cannot open file – it has already been opened on another channel.
IO 74          SPLOAD file has a structure with the same name as the ISAVE pointer name.

Updated on September 2, 2019

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