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Kriging fault codes

KR 1            Too many points in grid.

KR 2            RATIO or RATIO2 exceeds 10.

KR 3            Radius too small (2DR).

KR 4            Too many rows or columns in data matrix.

KR 5            YXRATIO less than or equal to zero.

KR 6            INTERVAL less than or equal to zero.

KR 7            BLOCK option contains an invalid value.

KR 8            Invalid region specified for kriging.

KR 9            Invalid region specified for interpolation.

KR 10          Invalid combination of MINPOINTS and MAXPOINTS.

KR 11          Invalid value specified for SILLVARIANCE.

KR 12          Invalid value specified for RANGE.

KR 13          Parameters not set for anisotropic variogram.

KR 14          Parameters not set for power model.

KR 15          Invalid value specified for EXPONENT.

KR 16          Parameter not set for stable model.

KR 17          Unable to shift crossvariogram.

KR 18          Complete undersampling – no points in common to compute variogram.

KR 19          Too many nugget structures specified – only 1 structure allowed.

KR 20          Matrix is not positive definite.

KR 21          Numeric overflow.

KR 22          Negative kriging variances.

KR 23          Coordinates must form a regular equal spaced grid.

KR 24          External drift variable is constant.

KR 25          Polygons can only be used with 2 dimensional data.

KR 26          POLYGONCOORDINATES pointer must contain X and Y coordinates, and any map factor.

KR 27          Cannot perform cross-validation when generating a grid of predicted values.

KR 28          Lognormal method is available only for point (co)kriging.

KR 29          One of the dimensions of the generated grid is equal to zero.

KR 30          Radii values non-positive.

KR 31          Target variable Y should also be present in the DATA parameter.

KR 32          Invalid value specified for the model.

KR 33          No estimates specified for the Y variate.

KR 34          Invalid model parameters.

KR 35          The iterative fitting process has not converged.

KR 36          Invalid model specified within estimates for the model structures.

KR 37          No corresponding cross-validation point(s) found.

KR 38          Cross-validation requires a local search neighbourhood.

KR 39          Invalid method specified for form of variograms.

KR 40          Prediction with measurement error only available for punctual (co)kriging.

KR 41          Unable to compute experimental cross-variogram.

KR 42          All support points with same coordinate(s).

KR 43          No explanatory variable for this location.

KR 44          Undefined map unit or explanatory variable.

KR 45          Zero volume of first block.

KR 46          Error locating point in polygon.

KR 47          Too many support points found in search neighbourhood.

KR 48          Too few support points found in search neighbourhood.

KR 49          Cross-validation only available for punctual (co)kriging.

KR 50          No semi-variances to model in lags.

Updated on May 17, 2019

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