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Program control fault codes

PC 1            Expression missing in CASE, IF, or EXIT statement.

PC 2            Invalid setting of NTIMES option.

PC 3            Attempt to reset active dummy.

PC 4            Invalid control structure: unmatched ENDFOR statement.

PC 5            Invalid control structure: unmatched ELSIF statement.

PC 6            Invalid control structure: ELSIF follows ELSE statement.

PC 7            Invalid control structure: unmatched ELSE statement.

PC 8            Invalid control structure: multiple ELSE statements.

PC 9            Invalid control structure: unmatched ENDIF statement.

PC 10          Invalid control structure: unmatched OR statement.

PC 11          Invalid control structure: OR follows ELSE statement.

PC 12          Invalid control structure: unmatched ENDCASE statement.

PC 13          Attempt to define procedure within a control structure.

PC 14          OPTION statement out of sequence.

PC 15          PARAMETER statement out of sequence.

PC 16          ENDPROCEDURE statement out of sequence.

PC 17          Null list in FOR statement.

PC 18          Control structure not terminated properly.

PC 20          STOP statement given.

PC 23          Repeated option or parameter names.

PC 24          Procedure fault.

PC 25          Attempt to redefine directive name.

PC 26          Invalid procedure name.

PC 27          FOR loops not allowed within a BREAK sequence.

PC 28          CASE expression out of range.

PC 29          ENDDEBUG statement out of sequence – ignored.

PC 30          Logical expression does not give a scalar result.

PC 31          Arithmetic expression does not give a scalar result.

PC 32          Lists of operands are not allowed in this expression.

PC 33          Attempt to modify OPTIONS of a procedure.

PC 34          Attempt to modify PARAMETERS of a procedure.

PC 35          Process interrupted.

PC 35          Sign of STEP does not match direction from START to END.

PC 37          Invalid NTIMES setting – does not match START, END or STEP values.

PC 38          Zero step possible only if NTIMES=0.

Updated on May 17, 2019

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