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System fault codes

SY 1            Program error.

SY 2            NBANK insufficient.

SY 3            Invalid parameter.

SY 4            Illegal attempt to substitute pointer values.

SY 5            Wrong number of options or parameters.

SY 6            Illegal bank number.

SY 7            Structure number out of range.

SY 8            Illegal type number.

SY 9            Packet fault.

SY 10          Execution stack pointer error.

SY 11          No space for TIDYUP.

SY 12          Cannot form index.

SY 13          Diagnostic return taken but DIAG is zero.

SY 14          Directory stack pointer error.

SY 15          Incompatible data blocks.

SY 16          Incorrect option mode.

SY 17          Incorrect option type.

SY 18          Option setting out of range.

SY 19          Fatal Fortran error, rest of job ignored.

SY 20          Invalid directive number.

SY 21          Invalid option list.

SY 22          Invalid parameter list.

SY 23          Cannot find directive definition.

SY 24          Cannot count missing values: error in structure definition.

SY 26          Substructure expected but type incorrect.

SY 27          Bootstrap error.

SY 28          Character address error.

SY 29          Attempt to close text which has not been opened for printing.

SY 30          Failure to find next input record.

SY 31          Failure to set up error recovery or interrupt handling.

SY 32          Failure to load dynamic link library (DLL).

SY 33          Failure to load function from dynamic link library (DLL).

SY 34          Error in tree.

SY 35          Illegal internal settings.

SY 36          Incorrect Program Installation.

SY 37          The AXES command is deprecated. It is not permitted during the bootstrap.

SY 38          SDCM/BAT version requires HOME directory to be set.

SY 39          SDCM/BAT version requires HOME directory to be set to a valid location.

Updated on May 17, 2019

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