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Tabulation and table handling fault codes

TB 1            No classifying set in TABULATE directive.

TB 2            No tables or variates in TABULATE directive.

TB 3            No named tables in sequential TABULATE.

TB 4            Too many factors in classifying set.

TB 5            Incompatible classifying sets.

TB 6            Mixture of tables with and without margins.

TB 7            Classifying factor not in OWNFAC list.

TB 8            Tabulated variate not in OWNVAR list.

TB 9            OWN option not set when OWNFAC, OWNVAR options are present.

TB 10          Non-integer or negative weights found for weighted variance.

TB 11          Non-integer or negative weights found for weighted variance (OWN).

TB 12          Quantiles not allowed in sequential tabulation.

TB 13          Quantiles not allowed in OWN tabulation.

TB 14          Lists of tables in TABULATE must all be the same length.

TB 15          TABULATE parameter lists must have identical patterns of repeated tables.

TB 16          Too many factors in combined classification set.

TB 17          PERCENTQUANTILE must be set if SUMMARYTYPE is quantile.

TB 18          Quantile percentage out of range.

TB 19          Non-integer or negative weights found for quantile.

TB 20          Negative weights in tabulation.

Updated on May 17, 2019

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