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Time-series analysis fault codes

TS 1             The number of orders in a time-series model is wrong.

TS 2             An order in a time-series model is invalid.

TS 3             The number of parameters in a time-series model is wrong.

TS 4             A parameter in a time-series model is invalid.

TS 5             A group of parameters in a time-series model are invalid.

TS 6             The number of lags in a time-series model is wrong.

TS 7             A lag in a time-series model is invalid.

TS 8             A time-series model is of the wrong type (arima or transfer-function).

TS 9             The autocorrelation function is not positive definite.

TS 10           A time-series model is non-stationary.

TS 11           The maximum lag has not been defined.

TS 12           A value of the imaginary part of a sequence is invalid: set to zero.

TS 13           Invalid restriction for time series: units must be contiguous.

TS 14           Solution of equations has failed in calculation of filtered series.

TS 15           Preliminary estimation has not been completed.

TS 16           Marginal likelihood is not defined: LIKELIHOOD option reset to EXACT.

TS 17           Transformation cannot be applied due to negative values.

TS 18           The setting of the FIX option has the wrong number of values.

TS 19           There are no residual degrees of freedom.

TS 20           The iterative estimation process has failed to progress towards a solution.

TS 21           The iterative estimation process has not converged.

TS 22           TDISPLAY, TKEEP, and TFORECAST must be preceded by an TFIT statement.

TS 23           If set, the OUTPUTSERIES parameter must supply the output series identifier.

TS 24           Future values of all input series must be supplied in TFORECAST.

TS 25           Origin of updated forecast is less than origin of previous forecast.

TS 26           Maximum lead time undefined or invalid.

TS 27           An input series contains missing values: forecasts cannot be produced.

TS 28           The FORECAST variate must have values set in units 1…ORIGIN if ORIGIN>0.

TS 29           Invalid ARIMA model for input series: will not be used to calculate SEs.

TS 30           FUTURE variates have less than ORIGIN+MAXLEAD values: cannot form forecasts.

TS 31           NEWOBSERVATION variate must be set when ORIGIN > 0.

Updated on May 17, 2019

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