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Assignment of values fault codes

VA 1            Incompatible restrictions on set of structures.
VA 2            Attributes not set (e.g. length of structure).
VA 3            Invalid value(s).
VA 4            Values not set.
VA 5            Too many values.
VA 6            Too few values (including null subset from RESTRICT).
VA 7            Invalid repetition of values in suffix list.
VA 8            Attempt to change the type of an identifier.
VA 9            Dummy unset.
VA 10          Null identifier list.
VA 11          Invalid or incompatible type(s).
VA 12          Invalid or incompatible mode(s).
VA 13          Invalid or incompatible numbers of values.
VA 14          Invalid or incompatible number of factor levels.
VA 15          Invalid factor value.
VA 16          Attempt to assign values to a matrix or table of unknown size.
VA 17          Attempt to assign values to a factor without specifying number of levels.
VA 18          All values missing.
VA 19          Inconsistent structure(s).
VA 20          Invalid or incompatible classifying set(s).
VA 21          Attempt to define LRV with more columns than rows.
VA 22          Repetition of values in factor levels vector.
VA 23          Repetition of values in factor labels vector.
VA 24          Identifier not previously declared.
VA 25          Factor does not have any labels for its levels.
VA 26          Value out of range.
VA 27          Structures same mode & size, different type or labelling.
VA 28          Invalid fault code.
VA 29          Invalid definition of pointer or dummy.
VA 30          Matrix has incorrect number of rows or columns.
VA 31          Specified factor not present in classifying set.
VA 32          DOWN, ACROSS and WAFER contain both scalars and factors.
VA 33          UNITS vector contains missing values.
VA 34          Suffixed identifiers not allowed as external names.
VA 35          Unnamed identifiers not allowed as external names.
VA 36          Contents of formula or expression are invalid.
VA 37          Student limit exceeded.
VA 38          Dimensions of qualified identifier have been modified; values not saved.
VA 39          Invalid setting for factor reference level.
VA 40          Can’t create an empty unnamed structure.
VA 41          Invalid date code for DREPRESENTATION.
VA 42          Values are not distinct.
VA 43          Non-ASCII values are not allowed

Updated on September 2, 2019

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