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Variance-component analysis (REML) fault codes

VC 1            No FIXED model given with CONSTANT=omit.
VC 2            The absorbing factor is not in FIXED or RANDOM models.
VC 3            Submodels are not allowed in FIXED or RANDOM formulae.
VC 4            Too many factors/covariates in FIXED and RANDOM formula.
VC 5            Invalid identifier in FIXED or RANDOM model.
VC 6            Dependent variate is in FIXED or RANDOM model.
VC 7            Covariates have been specified in the RANDOM model.
VC 8            Too many zero weights and missing values – no units left in analysis.
VC 9            Invalid value in weight variate.
VC 10          Estimated number of fixed degrees of freedom has changed.
VC 11          Stratum variances cannot be calculated.
VC 12          No dependent variate specified in Y parameter – no analysis performed.
VC 13          (REML) error in matrix inversion.
VC 14          Term in TERMS or PTERMS formula is not in the fitted model.
VC 15          No save structure available for VKEEP or VDISPLAY.
VC 16          Given save structure is not a REML save structure.
VC 17          The iterative process has not converged.
VC 18          Standard errors not available for table.
VC 19          Table/sed matrix not available for mean effects of covariates.
VC 20          Aliased random term.
VC 21          Negative/zero component reset to a small positive value on final iteration.
VC 22          Incompatible restriction on output variate will be replaced.
VC 23          Zero residual sum of squares: no further progress can be made.
VC 24          The sub-model is the same as the full model and will be ignored.
VC 25          Incorrect RELATIONSHIP matrix.
VC 26          RELATIONSHIP matrix invalid after deleting rows/columns for aliased term.
VC 27          Incorrect number of rows/columns for matrix in option RELATIONSHIP.
VC 28          The residual is not the last term of the random model.
VC 29          Number of rows in COVARIANCEMATRIX does not match number in random term.
VC 30          All elements of COVARIANCEMATRIX are zero.
VC 31          Unsuccessful update for variance parameters – try smaller step.
VC 32          Insufficient space available to form Wald statistics/check variance matrix.
VC 33          Components out of bounds – variance matrix is not positive definite.
VC 34          Sub-model must be specified when using option [RECYCLE=yes].
VC 35          No progress can be made.
VC 36          Covariance matrices not allowed for terms in the absorbing factor model.
VC 37          Invalid initial value(s) set for fixed components.
VC 38          Value of deviance at final iteration larger than at previous iteration(s).
VC 39          Invalid text string in submodel: 'Constant' (ignoring case) is allowed.
VC 40          Invalid text string in random model: '*units*' (ignoring case) is allowed.
VC 41          No fixed model terms: Wald statistics cannot be calculated.
VC 42          No standard errors of variance components or stratum variances available.
VC 43          Submodel testing not possible when MAXCYCLE=0 and will be ignored.
VC 44          Submodel deviance smaller than full model deviance.
VC 45          Covariates cannot be adjusted for their mean value.
VC 46          Cannot set covariance structure when no random terms are defined.
VC 47          Must give factor names when using option [FORM=directproduct].
VC 48          When TYPE=fixed, either MATRIX or INVERSE must be given.
VC 49          Specified terms not present in random model.
VC 50          Initial values for covariance matrix parameters must be given in a variate.
VC 51          Incorrect number of initial values for covariance matrix.
VC 52          Invalid specification of correlated terms.
VC 53          More than one residual term specifed – first term found will be used as R.
VC 54          FORM=direct is not allowed when CORRELATE=pos/unr: Reset to FORM=whole.
VC 55          VCOMPONENTS statement must precede REML statement.
VC 56          Too many scalar parameters in term.
VC 57          Invalid order specified for variance model.
VC 58          Coordinates must be set using COORDINATES option for distance-based models.
VC 59          Two parameter distance-based models only available for two-dimensional data.
VC 60          Identity lists for pedigree must be equal lengths.
VC 61          Invalid pedigree: parents must be listed before their children.
VC 62          Animal appears as both male and female – not allowed when FIXEDSEX=yes.
VC 63          Spline terms will only be fitted when a linear term is in the model.
VC 64          More than one variate found in spline model term – only one allowed.
VC 65          Approximate stratum variances not available when spline terms fitted.
VC 66          Stratum variances will not be formed when covariance models present.
VC 67          SEDs not available for all terms when sparse algorithm used.
VC 68          Tables of means not available when sparse algorithm used.
VC 69          Incorrect number of initial values set for covariance matrix across terms.
VC 70          VCOMPONENTS directive must be used before VSTRUCTURE.
VC 71          Weights cannot be used when the residual term includes a correlation matrix.
VC 72          Insufficient number of covariate values to form spline.
VC 73          Fixed sparse matrices can only be specified by their INVERSE currently.
VC 74          Standard errors for table of means not available when METHOD=ai.
VC 75          Approximate stratum variances not available when METHOD=ai.
VC 76          COORDINATES variates should be of equal length.
VC 77          Maximum dimension for COORDINATES in this release = 2.
VC 78          Number of coordinates must match either number of values of factor or number of levels of factor/term.
VC 79          No fixed model terms present – constant term reinstated.
VC 80          Insufficient coordinates given for size of model term.
VC 81          Terms specified as correlated should have equal numbers of effects..
VC 82          Term not suitable for direct product construction with coordinates as given.
VC 83          Initial values must be provided for unstructured and ante-dependence models.
VC 84          Insufficient replication present to fit deviations about spline term.
VC 85          Incorrect sparse matrix structure specified.
VC 86          Parameter(s) out of bounds.
VC 87          Option EQUAL not implemented in this version – its settings will be ignored.
VC 89          Number of rows of matrix/inverse does not match number of levels in term.
VC 90          Pedigree lists must have exactly one row for each individual – no repeats.
VC 91          Invalid type of argument for the ATLEVELS function.
VC 92          Missing values not permitted in ATLEVELS function.
VC 93          VRESIDUAL formula must be a single term containing only factors.
VC 94          Number of units at site does not match covariance model definition.
VC 95          Given fixed covariance matrix not positive-definite.
VC 96          Cannot calculate covariance matrix from given sparse inverse.
VC 97          TERM option of VRESIDUAL directive must be set.
VC 98          Unable to get sufficient workspace to run analysis.
VC 99          FACTOR specified does not occur in TERM option of VSTRUCTURE.
VD 01          REML save structure from different release not valid in current release.
VD 02          PARAMETERIZATION method ignored when METHOD=fisher.
VD 03          All fix constraints treated as fixrelative (PARAMETERIZATION=gammas).
VD 04          All fix constraints treated as fixabsolute (PARAMETERIZATION=sigmas).
VD 05          Invalid initial value.
VD 06          Cannot use SUBMODEL when there are spline terms in the model.
VD 07          EXPERIMENTS factor must have number of levels defined.
VD 08          Number of levels of EXPERIMENTS factor has changed.
VD 09          Residual matrix specified incompatible with data.
VD 10          Cannot use RECYCLE=yes when previous run used METHOD=AI.
VD 11          RELATIONSHIP constraints matrix for variances ignored when METHOD=AI.
VD 12          REML algorithm diverged/parameters out of bounds – output not available.
VD 13          Invalid format for list of equality constraints.
VD 14          EXPERIMENTS factor must be set using VCOMPONENTS before VRESIDUAL is used.
VD 15          Cannot do VPREDICT following run with METH=fisher, rerun analysis with METHOD=AI.
VD 16          LEVELS value for factor is not a valid level/label.
VD 17          LEVELS not set: values must be specified for pointers.
VD 18          LEVELS matrix/pointer has incorrect number of columns (must match variable).
VD 19          LEVELS is set to the wrong type of structure (must match CLASSIFY variable).
VD 20          LEVELS can only be set to a text for factors with labels.
VD 21          Must have same number of predict LEVELS for all variates in pointer.
VD 22          CLASSIFY factor not in fitted REML model.
VD 23          CLASSIFY factors cannot classify tables of marginal WEIGHTS.
VD 24          Mistake in PARALLEL list.
VD 25          Variables in PARALLEL must have same number of values.
VD 26          Tables of marginal WEIGHTS must have only one dimension.
VD 27          Factors classifying tables of marginal WEIGHTS must be in the model.
VD 28          PRESENT factors must be in the model.
VD 29          PRESENT factors cannot also classify tables of WEIGHTS.
VD 30          PRESENT factors must occur in model as main effects (required by AI algorithm).
VD 31          Predict problem in AI algorithm.
VD 32          Cannot get enough workspace to form prediction.
VD 33          Structures have been changed since REML: cannot do further analysis.
VD 34          Invalid value in LEVELS vector: missing values not allowed.
VD 35          Distances may be scaled inappropriately for POWER model.
VD 36          Algebraic derivatives not available – numerical derivatives used for DDF.
VD 37          Model large: calculation of denominator d.f. (DDF) for approximate F-tests may be slow.
VD 38          Cannot get enough space to form denominator d.f. (DDF) for approximate F-tests.
VD 39          Error in AI algorithm when forming denominator d.f. (DDF) for approximate F-tests.
VD 40          Error in AI algorithm forming approximate F-tests dropping terms from model.
VD 41          Invalid constraint code (should be Fixed, Positive or None).
VD 42          No terms specified (null formula).
VD 43          NORDER>1 not valid for bounded linear, spherical or circular models.
VD 44          Distance matrix cannot be used for spherical family or linear variance model.
VD 45          Coordinates provided may generate an invalid covariance matrix.
VD 46          Danger of multi-modal log-likelihood function for models in spherical family.
VD 47          Missing values present in processed COORDINATES or DISTANCES matrix.
VD 48          With CORR=positive or unrestricted, coordinates must be given by COORDINATES parameter.
VD 49          TERM must be specified when parametric covariance matrices required.
VD 50          Vectors must not be repeated in the CLASSIFY list.
VD 51          WALD, FSTATISTIC, NDF and DDF are missing for terms that cannot be dropped.
VD 52          Singular covariance matrix in ante-dependence analysis.

Updated on September 5, 2019

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