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Find in Column Names

Select menu: Spread | Column | Rename

The dialog lets you search for characters or words in the current column names. You can match uppercase and lowercase letters and search forward or backward from the insertion point. You can also choose to match whole words only. This dialog is opened by clicking the Find button in the Rename Columns dialog.

  1. With your spreadsheet displayed, from the menu select Spread | Column | Rename. then click the Find button.

Find what

The characters or word to look for.

Match whole word only

When selected the Find what box will only match with a complete name or description.

Match case

When selected the search is case sensitive distinguishing between uppercase and lowercase characters.

Wrap at end of list

When selected, a search will continue from the start of the spreadsheet when it reaches the end of the spreadsheet.

Find in

The scope of the search for the next occurrence:

Names Search within the column names of the spreadsheet.
Descriptions Search within the column descriptions in the spreadsheet.


The direction to search for the next occurrence:

Up Search up towards the start of the spreadsheet.
Down Search down towards the bottom of the spreadsheet.

Action buttons

Find next Search for the next occurrence of the characters specified in the Find what field.
Cancel Close the dialog.

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Updated on March 18, 2019

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