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Flapjack – Genotypic data

Select menu: Stats | QTLs (Linkage/Association)

This specifies the marker scores and associated map data that are to be exported to a Flapjack project file format. The data can also be saved in genotype and map files.

  1. From the menu select 
    Stats | QTLs (Linkage/Association) | Data Import/Export | Save Flapjack Project File.
  2. Select the Genotypic data tab then set options as required and click OK.

Genstat data structures

Specifies the data structure names that are to be exported.

Available data This lists data structures currently available in Genstat appropriate to the current input field. Double-click a name to move it to the current input field or select an item and click to move it across.
Type of population Specifies the population type for export. When a population is selected the relevant fields will be enabled on the dialog.
Marker genotypes A pointer containing a set of factors (one for each marker) where each factor has the same labels representing the genotype scores and the labels are all in the same order.
Marker names A text containing the marker names.
Linkage groups A factor identifying the linkage group for each marker .
Positions within linkage groups A variate containing the positions within the linkage groups for each marker.
Genotype labels A text containing id labels for genotypes. These can be used to ensure the genotypes for the phenotypic data matches the map data.
Parental information A pointer to a set of texts (one for each parent) containing the parent information.
Parent labels A text containing id labels for the parental information .

Save genotype and map data files

Specifies the names of the files to save the genotype and map data.

Genotype filename This specifies the name for the genotype data file. This file contains the information for the genotype scores for each marker. You can browse for a filename by clicking on the  button.
Map filename This file will contains the map positions and linkage group information for all loci. You can browse for a filename by clicking on the button.

Action Icons

Clear Clear all fields and list boxes.
Help Open the Help topic for this dialog.

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Updated on April 25, 2019

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