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Function Key Shortcuts

The following function keys provide shortcuts to many of the more frequently used commands. The table shows alternate commands available by pressing the Ctrl, Alt or Shift keys in combination with the specified key. Function keys or combinations omitted from the table have no defined effect.

Key assignments marked with * relate to spreadsheet functions only.

Key Function Ctrl+Key Shift+Key Alt+Key
F1 Procedure example Search for help on Help on word Help Contents
F2 Copy Column* Cut Column* Paste Column* New spreadsheet from Clipboard
F3 Find Next Change Factor Levels* Find Previous Insert Column before current column*
F4 Repeat Last Command* Close Window Tile Vertically Exit
F5 Data Display Freeze Columns* Go Back* Summary Stats*
F6 Change Directory Cycle through non- iconic windows   Goto Last Spreadsheet
F7 Delete current row* Delete Empty Rows and Columns* Delete Current Column* Delete Selected Rows*
F8 Edit cell* Toggle Enter key* Toggle Cell Navigation* Toggle Temp Missing cell*
F9 Edit Column Attributes* Sort Column* Convert Column* Restrict by values*
F10 Update Data* Create New Spreadsheet Open Spreadsheet with data from Genstat* Add data from Genstat*
F11 Fill Column* Fill column using list* Calculate Column* Recalculate Column*
F12 Copy RTF table Copy Factor levels/labels* Copy rectangle Copy HTML table


Key Ctrl+Shift+Key Ctrl+Alt+Key Shift+Alt+Key
F2 Copy tabbed text to Clipboard Duplicate Column* Add from Clipboard*
F3 Standardize Column* Insert Multiple Columns* Insert Column after current column*
F4     Tile Horizontally
F5 Toggle QTL Data View    
F6 Reverse cycle through non-iconic windows    
F7 Delete Empty Columns* Delete Restricted Rows* Delete Selected Columns*
F8 Toggle Paste Asterisk* Code column to Factor* Toggle clipboard precision*
F9 Restrict/Using Factor Levels*   Remove Restriction*
F10 ODBC Data Query* Update all data to Genstat* Add from file*
F11 Factor Product* Fill a column with Dates* Recode*
F12 Paste Factor levels/labels* Set Factor Reference level* Remove unused factor levels*

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Updated on June 14, 2019

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