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Generalized Procrustes Options

Use this to set options and select the output to be generated by generalized procrustes analysis .


Specifies which items of output are to be displayed in the Output window.

Analysis Results from analysis
Centroid Results for the consensus
Column means Individual column means for each configuration
Individual configurations Individual configurations (referred to the same principal axes)
Monitoring Monitoring information

Number of dimensions

Specifies how many roots are printed (and saved) for the output configurations, consensus and rotation matrices.


Controls whether to use scaling. Select Isotropic to scale all the dimensions of each configuration by an equal amount. The Separate option can be used to scale each configuration before analysis so that the trace of each input matrix is one. Select None for no scaling.

Tolerance for convergence

Specifies a tolerance value to use in the convergence of the algorithm. The algorithm is assumed to have converged when:

(last residual sum of squares) – (current residual sum of squares) < tolerance x (number of configurations)

Maximum number of iterations

Specifies the limit for the number of iterations used for convergence of the algorithm


Specifies which graphical outputs are to be produced by the analysis.

Consensus Scatter matrix of the consensus using the transformed axes.
Individuals Scatter matrix of the configurations and consensus using the transformed axes.
Projections Draws a plot of the projections corresponding to each dimension.
Number of dimensions for plot Controls the number of dimension to display in the consensus and individuals plot.

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Updated on April 25, 2019

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