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Hierarchical Cluster Analysis Save Options

Use this to save information during a hierarchical cluster analysis.

  1. After selecting the appropriate boxes, you need to type the names for the identifiers of the data structures into the corresponding In: fields.


Groups Factor Groups formed
Minimum spanning tree Matrix Minimum spanning tree (as a series of links and corresponding lengths)
Amalgamations Matrix Linked list of amalgamations (not available for single link/nearest neighbour method – this information is contained in the minimum spanning tree for that method)
Permutation Variate Permutation of order of the units on the dendrogram
Mean similarities Symmetric matrix Similarities between groups

Clustering threshold

Specifies, as a percentage, at what level of similarity clusters are to be saved in the Groups factor.

Display in spreadsheet

The saved results will be displayed within a new spreadsheet.

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Updated on August 29, 2019

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