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Genstat Command Language Reference

Genstat is a comprehensive statistical system. The Windows implementation has menus to cover virtually all the standard statistical analyses. Alternatively, you can type commands to use any of the standard directives in the Genstat language, or of any of the procedures in the Genstat Procedure Library. The commands share a common syntax, and can even be used as a programming language to implement non-standard analyses. To view any topic, click the underlined text.

Further information is available about:

The Genstat Language

Glossary of terms
List of commands (combined list of directives and Library procedures)
List of directives
List of procedures
List of functions for expressions
List of functions for formulae
Genstat faults

Commands associated with:

Data structures
Program control
Data handling
Input and output
Calculations and manipulation
Basic and nonparametric statistics
Exact tests
Regression analysis
Analysis of variance
Design of experiments
REML analysis of linear mixed models
Multivariate and cluster analysis
Time series
Repeated measurements
Survival analysis
Bayesian methods
Spatial statistics
Six sigma
Survey analysis
Data mining
Statistical genetics and QTL estimation
Microarray data
Ecological data

Function types

Summary functions
Probability functions
Random numbers
Date and time functions
Vector functions
Matrix functions
String functions
Table functions
Tree functions
Subset functions
Treatment functions
Regression functions
Constant functions
Graphics functions
Image functions

Authors and copyright
Genstat citation

Updated on May 20, 2019

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