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Importing Columns or a Selection of Cells into a Book

Note: When a workbook contains more than one spreadsheet the column names on each spreadsheet must be unique. If Genstat detects that an imported spreadsheet has columns with the same names as the open workbook it will prompt you to correct these.

You can import individual columns or a rectangular range of cells from another spreadsheet into your currently open workbook. The data will be imported into a new page of your workbook.

  1. Locate the spreadsheet to import: from the menu select File | Open then navigate to your required spreadsheet.
  2. Select the required spreadsheet file and click Open.

  3. Select which spreadsheet you want to add to your open workbook by clicking it with the mouse.

  4. The Add to book dropdown list contains the names of any workbooks you have open in Genstat. Select your open workbook then click Next.

  5. Next, preview the cells to import: the preview shows a truncated section of the spreadsheet data. The text at the top of this dialog states Preview of selected cells XX:XX, which are the cells that contain data.
  6. Select Specified range then type the start and finish cells names separated by a colon, e.g. C1:D96, and click Finish.

The workbook is updated with the newly imported columns displayed on a new spreadsheet tab.

Updated on February 27, 2019

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