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INSTAT Read Options

This dialog will appear when you open an Instat file in Genstat. It controls the column names used by Genstat and how the 3 missing values in an Instat worksheet file are interpreted. Also you can just import a subset of the columns in the Instat file.

Converted to 8 unique characters

The Instat column names are to be renamed to unique Genstat names no more than 8 characters long. For example the names LongName1 and LongName2 would be renamed to LongName, LongNam1.

Full names used

The full Instat column names will be used.

Default Instat names (X1,X2…)

The default Instat names of X1, X2, X3 will be used in the Genstat spreadsheet. The Instat column names will be put in the Column description.

Select columns to be imported

A dialog will appears that enables you to specify which columns are to be imported from the Instat file.
The following radio button in the Missing values box allow you to specify how the Instat missing values are to be imported.

Missing The Instat missing value will be interpreted as a Genstat missing value.
Ignored The Instat missing value will be interpreted as the numerical value used in Instat. For example an Instat missing value of -999 will just be read in as -999.
Converted to The Instat missing value will be converted to the specified numerical value given in the subsequent edit field.
Updated on March 18, 2019

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