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Kaplan-Meier (Exact time points)

Select menu: Stats | Survival Analysis | Kaplan-Meier

Calculates the Kaplan-Meier estimate of the survivor function, using data where the actual survival time (or time to censoring) is known.

  1. After you have imported your data, from the menu select 
    Stats | Survival Analysis | Kaplan-Meier.
  2. Fill in the fields as required then click Run.

You can set additional Options then after running, you can save the results by clicking Save.

Available data

This lists data structures appropriate to the current input field. It lists variates for specifying the data, and factors for the group. The contents will change as you move from one field to the next. Double-click a name to copy it to the current input field or type the name.

Time points

Observed time points or time points at which censoring took place.


Variate containing the values 0 and 1 to indicate whether the corresponding time point is censored (1) or not (0).


This can be used to indicate different groups whose survivor functions are to be estimated separately.

Compare survival curves using non-parametric tests

When selected, nonparametric tests comparing the different survival curves will be displayed. The tests displayed include the Log-rank, Wilcoxon (Breslow), Wilcoxon (Peto-Prentice) and Tarone-Ware tests.

Plot Kaplan-Meier estimates

Plots the Kaplan-Meier estimate against the time points.

Log-cumulative hazard plot

Plots the Log-cumulative hazard against the log of the time points.

Graph options

Lets you specify titles and control the display of the plot.

Action Icons

Pin Controls whether to keep the dialog open when you click Run. When the pin is down  the dialog will remain open, otherwise when the pin is up  the dialog will close.
Restore Restore names into edit fields and default settings.
Clear Clear all fields and list boxes.
Help Open the Help topic for this dialog.

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Updated on March 25, 2019

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