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Kernel Density Estimation Options

This dialog specifies options for the Kernel Density Estimation menu.

Display in output

The following options allow the output from the fitting of the kernel density estimate to be provided in the Output window.

Integral The integral of the kernel density estimate
Summary A printed summary of the kernel density estimate
Monitoring Monitoring of the iterative estimation of the bandwidth

Number of grid points

How many points that the kernel density estimate is calculated on.

Display graph

This produces a graph of the kernel density estimate. There are two graphs that can be produced:

3 component graph This is produced by the KERNELDENSITY procedure and shows 3 aspects of the data: the resulting kernel density estimate, a histogram of the data and the location of data points superimposed on the one graph. However you cannot provide the overall or axis titles for this graph
Density only This produces a graph of just the kernel density estimate using saved values of the grid and kernel density estimates with the usual DGRAPH statements. With this option, you can provide your own overall and axis titles in the provided fields.

Action buttons

OK Save the specified options and close the dialog.
Cancel Close the dialog without making any changes to the options.
Defaults Reset all options to their default values.

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Updated on March 26, 2019

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