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Learning the Basics

New to Genstat? These tutorials will help you get started and introduce you to features that you’ll use every day.

Introduction to Genstat

This introductory video teaches you how to navigate your way around the interface and use some of the basic features.

Producing summary statistics

Learn how to produce summary statistics from a data set and plot a graph of the results.

Saving and exporting data

Need to share your results with non-Genstat users? Learn how to combine several spreadsheets into one file and save it as an Excel workbook. This tutorial also explains how to save spreadsheets as tables in rich text format.

Summarizing categorical data with frequency tables

Learn how to create two-way frequency tables and plot a bar chart from the results. This tutorial also explains how to make your bar charts more readable.

Producing summary tables and using filters

Learn how to create summary tables of selected summary statistics and filter your data sets.

Appending, stacking and unstacking

How do you reshape your data to get it into the right format for analysis? This tutorial shows you how to append, stack and unstack data columns from several files, or from separate worksheets within one file using Genstat.

Updated on March 25, 2021

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