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Locally Weighted Regression

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The Locally weighted regression downdown list option fits a model based on one x-variate. The assumption in the modelling is that the locally, around any point, the regression surface can be approximated by a function from a particular class: polynomials of order 1 (linear) or 2 (quadratic).

Response variate

Specifies the name of the response (or y-) variate.

Explanatory variate

Specifies the name of the explanatory (or x-) variate.

Smooth using

Controls whether approximate degrees of freedom or a smoothing parameter are to be supplied.

Degrees of freedom

Specifies the degrees of freedom from which Genstat searches for the appropriate span to generate a smoothing model with the required degrees of freedom.

Smoothing parameter

Specifies the span to indicate what proportion of points are used to fit the regression model at each position.

Polynomial model

Specifies the polynomial model to be used. You can choose either Linear or Quadratic.

See also

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  • LOESS function for fitting locally weighted regression models
Updated on March 27, 2019

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