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Spreadsheet Manipulate Menu

Items in this menu can be used to manipulate the data in a whole spreadsheet.

Append Data to Spreadsheet
Append data to the bottom of the spreadsheet from other data sources.

Change the spreadsheet from one type (Vector, Matrix, Table etc.) to another type.

Duplicate a Spreadsheet
Create another spreadsheet from the current spreadsheet.

Merge Spreadsheet
Merge data from another open spreadsheet into this spreadsheet, specifying how rows and columns are to be matched.

Stack Spreadsheet
Create a new spreadsheet from this spreadsheet by stacking multiple columns into a single columns.

Unstack Spreadsheet
Create a new spreadsheet from this spreadsheet by unstacking a single column into multiple columns, based on the grouping specified in a factor.

Create a new spreadsheet from this spreadsheet by swapping the rows to become columns (or vice-versa).

Split or Subset a Spreadsheet
Split or subset the current spreadsheet to create new spreadsheet(s).

Randomize Rows
Sort the spreadsheet rows into random order, optionally within factor groups which may be also randomized in the order that the labels appear.

Expand a Spreadsheet using a Weight Column
Create a new spreadsheet by expanding the current spreadsheet using a weights column.

Reorder Spreadsheet Table margins
Swap the order of the classifying factors of the multi-way table.

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Updated on March 18, 2019

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