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MANOVA Options

Specifies what output should be produced by the multivariate analysis of variance.

Display output from MANOVA

Specifies which items from the multivariate analysis of variance are to be displayed in the Output window.

Tests Prints various test statistics: Wilks’ Lambda, with Chi square and F approximations, the Pillai-Bartlett trace, Roy’s maximum root test, and the Lawley-Hotelling trace.
Sums of squares and products matrices Prints the SSP matrices calculated during the analysis.

Display output from univariate analysis

Specifies which items of univariate analysis output are to be displayed in the Output window.

AOV table Analysis-of-variance table
Information Information summary, giving details of aliasing and non-orthogonality or of any large residuals
Effects Tables of estimated treatment parameters
Means Tables of predicted means for treatment terms
Residuals Tables of estimated residuals
%cv Coefficients of variation and standard errors of individual units
Missing values Estimates of missing values

Random permutation test

Select this option to perform a random permutation test.

Exclude block factors

A list of the block factors in the current design that can excluded from the randomization for the permutation test. The most common instance where this is required is when one of the treatment factors involves time-order which cannot be randomized. You can select one or more block factors to be excluded from the randomization.

Number of permutations

This options specifies the number of permutations, default 999.


Specifies the seed for the random number generator used to make the permutations; default 0 continues from the previous generation or (if none) initializes the seed automatically.

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Updated on April 25, 2019

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