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Model Variogram Options

Use this to select the output to be generated from fitting a model to the experimental variogram.


Model Details of the model that is fitted
Summary Summary analysis of deviance
Estimates Estimates of the parameters in the model
Correlations Correlations between the parameter estimates
Fitted values Table containing the values of the response variate, fitted values, standardized residuals and leverages
Monitoring Reports progress of the fit

Estimate constant

Specifies whether to include a constant in the model.

Power for stable model

Controls whether the power for the stable model is supplied or estimated from the data. Select Estimate to estimate the power from the data. Alternatively, select Fix to supply a value for the power by entering the value in the space provided.


Specifies whether to display a plot of the data and the fitted model. You can also give a title and a value for the upper value of the x-axis (i.e. distance).

Updated on April 30, 2019

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