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Modify Survey Weights Options

Use this to set various options related to modifying survey weights.


Specifies the output to be displayed.

Summary Summary of the reweighting of the outliers.

New value for weights

Specifies the new weights to be used for the observations. Select Missing (exclude from analysis) to exclude the observations from analysis. Alternatively, select One to specify a weight of one or select Other value to specify any other value to use for the weights.

Redistribute weights over

Specifies the level at which the weights are to be redistributed. The option Lowest level redistributes to the lowest level of sampling units, if supplied, or otherwise the strata. If no stratum factor is supplied then the weights will be altered over all other observations. The option Stratum changes the weights in the stratum containing the observation so that the total remains unchanged. Similarly, Sampling Unit redistributes in the sampling unit containing the observation. To change the weights over all observations in the survey, select Whole survey.

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Updated on March 26, 2019

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