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New Features in Genstat 19th Edition

Genstat 19 introduces many new features and enhancements. You can find a full listing and description of these here.

Customizing the look of Genstat with Themes

Finding the on-screen text too small to read or colours hard to differentiate? Need to turn your output into a nicely formatted report? You can do all this and more using Themes.

Estimating critical values for REML fixed effects

VCRITICAL provides an alternative method of assessment to Wald or F tests that may be useful if the decision from the conventional tests is not clear-cut, or if contrasts are to be assessed.

Procedures for assessing the adequacy of a model in a REML analysis

VSOM and VRCHECK can assess the adequacy of a linear mixed model fitted using REML. VSOM can be used to assess the residuals and random effects for outliers. VRCHECK can be used to check the properties of the random effects.

Updated on August 1, 2018

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