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Generate Expression

Used to generate an expression. The expression can be constructed step by step by combining data structures and operators. You can use brackets to control the order of evaluation when required. You can also type directly into the expression field. The resulting expression is stored within an expression data structure.

Available data

Lists data structures of the types requested. You can control what data types appear in the available data list by selecting the appropriate type. Double-click a name to copy it into the expression being formed.

Reference identifier for expression

Enter an identifier name to save the expression within.


Enter the expression. You can either type directly into the box or build an expression using the listed data structure names and operators.


Enables you to build a function to be inserted into the expression. The function is inserted at the current cursor position.


The keypad is used to enter operators into the expression being formed. Click on any button in this diagram for an explanation of its function. You can also type the corresponding text directly into the expression, but note that the logical operators (and, eqs, or, nes, not, is, in, ni, eor, isnt) must be delimited by dots (for example .and.).

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Updated on March 28, 2019

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