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Nonlinear Parameter Settings

Use this to specify settings for the nonlinear parameters that are to be estimated. If you have good prior knowledge of the likely values of the parameters, then these can used to improve the efficiency of the search.


Lists all the nonlinear parameters currently specified in the Nonlinear parameters field of the Nonlinear Models dialog. Select the parameter that you want to enter the new settings for.

Initial value

The initial value of the parameter. Default is 1.

Lower & Upper bounds

Provides fixed bounds for the search. Default: 10e-9 for lower and 10e +9 for upper. Where possible you should set bounds, particularly to avoid problems such as attempting to take the log of a negative number.

Step length

Initial step lengths for the search. By default the step length is 0.05 times the initial value of the parameter, or 1.0 if the initial value is zero.

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Updated on March 28, 2019

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