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One-sample Nonparametric Tests Save Options

Use this to save results from a one-sample nonparametric test in Genstat data structures.

  1. After selecting the appropriate boxes, type names for the data structures into the corresponding In: fields.


The available save options for each type of test are as follows:

Wilcoxon test

Ranks Variate Saves the signed ranks
Statistic Scalar Saves the test statistic
Normal approximation Scalar Saves the normal approximation of test
Sign of ranks Scalar Indicates the sign of the total sum of the signed ranks

Runs test

Runs, tail probs and signs of obs Pointer Saves the number of runs, the number of positive and negative observations and the lower and upper tail probabilities of the test

Sign test

Test statistic Scalar Saves the sign test statistic
Effective sample size Scalar Saves the effective sample size
Probability level Scalar Saves the probability level of test

Display in spreadsheet

Select this to display the results in a new spreadsheet window.

Updated on April 26, 2019

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